Punch Card Program

Help grow the game of golf! Join The Parcade’s punch card program and support local high school golf teams! For every card sold a portion of the proceeds will be donated to participating programs.

Punch Card Benefits

- Exclusive benefits at The Parcade that can be used anytime through the 2024 calendar year.

- Each card includes up to 10 bay hours at a discounted rate, saving card holders up to $120!

  • 2 BOGO free punches will give card holders a free hour when they buy one at regular price (4 hours total).
  • 3 BOGO 50% off punches will give card holders a 50% discount on the second hour when they buy one at regular price (6 hours total).

- Cards are sold ONLY at The Parcade and by local high school golf teams.

Punch Card Instructions

Follow the instructions below to redeem the benefits on your punch card.

- The easiest way to redeem a benefit is to book ahead online with 24/7 booking capability. You can also call to reserve a time by calling in during business hours. 

- On the back of each punch card there are two codes that correspond with the benefits on the front. 

- The code for BOGO free is BOGOFREE2324 (2 uses per card) 

- The code for BOGO 50% off is BOGO50%2324 (3 uses per card)

  • Click on any of the “Book Now” buttons on The Parcade’s website to start the booking process. 
  • On the left-side of the booking page make sure under "Choose Service" that "Punch Card Simulator Rental" is selected. (This must be selected for the coupon codes to work).
  • By toggling to "Punch Card Simulator Rental" two hours will be your total time booked.
  • On the calendar select the date and time you want your tee time to start.
  • Click book now and sign into your account or create one if you do not have one already.
  • Type the code you want to use exactly as shown above into the coupon code line before you check out.
  • Two hours exactly will be booked for the codes to work. (No more no less)
  • If you want to book more than 2 hours and use a second code just repeat the process again and select the tee time immediately after to have all your times linked together. 
  • Once you put in the payment information and discount code you are all set! Make sure to show up 10 minutes before your tee time and do not forget your punch card!


- To redeem a benefit on your punch card you must present your card at The Parcade during check in and have the corresponding benefit punched by a staff member so it’s no longer available.

- Any person that attempts to redeem a benefit without a card will be asked to leave with no refund.

- If a card holder accidentally books online using a benefit they do not have anymore, they will pay the difference of the remaining balance.

- The Parcade is not responsible for lost or stollen punch cards.