The Parcade No Commitment League


General League Format

What to expect: This league is for those wanting to get into league play with no weekly commitment. Each week a new course is released with the ability for a new team to take the top prize each week. Choose between two flights that match your playing level. 

Team Size: 2-person

Price/Team: Normal Bay Fee (+$15 for Pro Flight prize pool)

Flights: Pro Flight (mid-low handicap) Fun Flight (high handicap)

Game Format: Scramble, no handicap. Lowest team score wins! Ties broken by closest to the pin

Prize: Each week a new team has a chance to take the top prize. Pro Flight: 1 free hour for your team + 100% of the prize pool. Fun Flight: 1 free hour for your team.

Tee Distance: All men will play from around 6000 yards. Ladies, and 60+ will play from around 5000 yards.

Putting: A gimmie circle of 8ft will be in place. Putting is unique on a simulator but still very accurate so if you have not played on it before we highly suggest getting some practice in. 

Concede: Triple bogey concede score will be in play to help pace of play: (EX: Par 3 concedes at 6 strokes, Par 4 is 7 strokes, and Par 5 is 8 strokes)

Mulligans: Mulligans will be used only to right a technical glitch. Each bay will have access to replay, and it is under the discretion of The Parcade if a mulligan is given. Mulligans are recorded on the software so it will be known if an illegal mulligan is used. 

Software/Hardware Glitch: Technology is not perfect. Please, in case of any abnormalities request someone from The Parcade to review the incident. From there they will decide how to proceed. All rulings are final and will be decided based on facts presented.

Parcade Rules: All general building rules must be adhered to during league play. League members that continuously break the rules set in place for player safety and the protection of equipment will be asked to leave with no refund.